Vecow Launches A Cutting Edge Surface Defect Inspection Solution with Deep Learning Technology

2020/10/6 0:0

New Taipei City, Taiwan, Oct. 6, 2020 – Vecow Co., Ltd., a team of global embedded experts, have announced the latest deep learning based surface defect inspection solution with our partner UnitX, Inc. This new inspection solution consists of an imaging system, OptiX, and a deep learning inspection system, CorteX. OptiX and CorteX deliver the capability of imaging and inspecting subtle and random defects on product with complex geometry and specular surfaces. It helps customers save more than 90% of human inspectors cost with 500 times better false acceptance rate.



The conventional machine vision technology struggles at surface defect inspection for two main reasons: the inability to light and identify image’s subtle defects, and the inability to recognize defects of variable shapes, sizes, and positions. OptiX, powered with precisely controlled incident angles and software-defined patterns, is capable of revealing subtle defects at 10-micron resolution. This makes it possible for CorteX, the deep learning inspection system, to recognize defects with minimum training samples and maximum inference accuracy.



"UnitX's lighting and deep learning technology is solving complex surface defect challenges on the factory floor,” said Trista Li from UniteX. “This is made possible by Vecow’s GPU-powered industrial PC.”

Vecow GPC-1000 series is powered by 9th Generation Intel® Xeon®/Core™ processor, which provides a system performance improvement of 37% over the previous generation Intel® Kaby Lake platform. Vecow GPC-1000 Series features dual GPUs with options of NVIDIA or AMD graphics and brings the power of dual GPU to accelerate AI and deep learning solutions. Meanwhile, it supports 9V to 55V power input with 80V surge protection, enabling a simple and wide range of applications to deploy for system integrators.


"OptiX/CorteX is indeed a cutting edge inspection solution that is embedded with AI-deep learning technology,”said Kev Wang, Product Manager, Embedded System & Platform Division at Vecow. “I'm excited to launch this solution with our partner UnitX, Inc. By combining Vecow's powerful AI computing system GPC-1000 and OptiX/CorteX, we believe it will help factories increase productivity and yield rates. At the same time, it helps downsize the expense of labor costs in the future.”


To learn more about Vecow GPU Computing System, please visit the GPC-1000 product page or for more details.




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