Vecow Launched DVC-1000 Industrial-Grade 3D Vision Camera

2020/12/28 0:0

New Taipei City, Taiwan, Dec. 28, 2020 – Vecow Co., Ltd., a team of global embedded experts, announced a new product portfolio for Embedded Vision Camera with an Industrial-grade 3D Vision Camera, DVC-1000. It is powered by Intel® RealSense™ technology to deliver intuitive, natural interaction and immersion with advanced stereo image sensing technologies for vision-based applications. Vecow DVC-1000 features an IP67-rated enclosure, fanless design and supports 0°C to 40°C operating temperature to allow industrial application deployments in harsh environments. Featuring depth resolution up to 720P, frame rate up to 60fps, along with a global shutter sensor, Vecow DVC-1000 is a well fit solution for Robot Vision, Autonomous Mobile Robot, Object Dimensioning and Intelligent Surveillance applications.

Vecow DVC-1000 is an industrial-grade 3D vision camera and is based on a global shutter sensor. Therefore, it is perfectly used for capturing images of objects, with a working distance of up to 10M at a rapid movement sequence. The product is powered by an Arm-based processor and is capable of supporting edge computing at the edge.



This compact camera measures 112.6mm x 106.6mm x 43.0mm. The small footprint design makes it ideally suited for space constrained applications like robot vision and AMR. Moreover, DVC-1000 offers the flexible choice of either 12V DC-in or electric power through PoE via a single cable. By doing so, the system helps simplify solution deployment and system installation. Moreover, DVC-1000 is compatible with Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0 for users to deploy depth applications with less effort.

"Vecow DVC-1000 is designed for both indoor and outdoor environments and allows for faster, simple and accurate object recognition,”said Kev Wang, Applied Software Product Manager of Vecow. “Aimed at industrial applications, the DVC-1000 comes in a rugged enclosure with an IP67 rating. More importantly, it supports M12 power connector and a waterproof PoE cable, enhancing not only longer length connectivity compared to USB cable but also system reliability.”



"We are thrilled to introduce the product portfolio for the Industrial-grade 3D Vision Camera to our partners and for those who are involved in vision-based applications," said Joseph Huang, Sales Manager, Sales & Marketing Division at Vecow. “By integrating Vecow embedded systems, DVC-1000 delivers an easy-to-use and flexible solution that can be used for vision applications deployments such as Robot Vision, AMR and intelligent surveillance with less effort and fast-time-to market.”


Powered by Intel® RealSense™ and designed with rugged IP67 protection for 3D images, Vecow DVC-1000 is a flexible and suitable solution for Robot Vision, Autonomous Mobile Robot, Object Dimensioning and Intelligent Surveillance.


To learn more about Vecow Embedded Vision Camera, please visit the DVC-1000 product page or for more details.



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