Vecow Takes Machine Vision to the Next Level with PE-5000 Series

2020/3/31 0:0

New Taipei City, Taiwan, Mar. 31, 2020 - Vecow Co., Ltd., a team of global embedded experts, announced today the release of a groundbreaking and economical solution, the Vecow PE-5000 Series that features 10GigE Ethernet incorporating PoE+ functionalities to take machine vision to the next level. Vecow PE-5000 Series includes PE-5004 and PE-5002, featuring Intel® XL710 and Intel® X550-AT2 platform. Vecow PE-5000 Series supports high-speed network connectivity and is regarded as the most cost-efficient solution on the market.


Aimed at machine vision applications such as Scientific Research, Goal-line Technology and AI Surveillance, Vecow PE-5004 and PE5002 are outfitted with 10GigE Ethernet interface that delivers 10 times faster than GigE Ethernet. The PE-5004 is based on Intel® XL710 with 4-port 10GigE LAN and PE-5002 is powered by Intel®X550-AT2 with 2-port 10GigE LAN. To ensure seamless data connectivity and non-stop power supply, Vecow PE-5000 Series 10GigE Ethernet interfaces incorporate PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) technology which simplifies integration and reduces cost. To fulfill industrial sector requirements, Vecow PE-5000 series is integrated with rugged and extended temperature ranges from -25°C to 60°C.


"When we are moving toward the AI-vision world, machine vision that requires higher resolution, high-speed processing, and seamless network connectivity has gained immense popularity. Manufacturers can benefit from it by increasing productivity and reducing the cost," said Joseph Huang, Sales Director, Sales & Marketing Division at Vecow. "Vecow PE-5000 Series is the smart solution for them because the product not only fulfills industrial player's requirements but offers excellent price-performance.”


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