Rolling Stock

Vecow provides a full range of rugged embedded computing systems particularly suited for rolling stock applications covering in-vehicle computing, wayside monitoring, Advanced Driver Assistance Sysyem (ADAS), in-vehicle surveillance, online diagnostics, Passenger Information System (PIS), Media and Entertainment System (MES), mobile in-vehicle communication, pantograph inspection and any AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications in harsh environments.

Rolling stock


Trusted Standards



An European Standard applied to all electronic equipment used on rolling stock in railway applications


An European Standard for fire protection of railway vehicles - Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviors of materials and components

M12 X-coded


Rugged X-coded M12 connection is ideal for high-speed in-vehicle data transfer, up to10Gbps

M12 A-coded

Rugged A-coded M12 connection is ideal for secured in-vehicle data transfer 

Wide-range power 16V-160V

Max 16V to 160V wide range power input with isolation protection

M12 A-coded

Max 500V surge protection


Fanless design, an advanced thermal solution in harsh environments


16-mode configurable ignition power control secures normal operation in-vehicle applications


Vecow Rolling Stock Solutions


In-Vehicle Solution

In-vehicle solution can be used for in-vehicle surveillance, mobile in-vehicle communication, in-vehicle infotainment, rail track monitoring, pantograph inspection, in-vehicle data center or any performance-driven vehicle computing applications.

Feature Highlights :

  • Workstation-grade Intel platform and chipsets
  • Rugged M12 Ethernet connector with shock and vibration reliability supports wide-range operating temperature and power input with surge protection, smart circuit & data protection
  • Always-on wireless communication for video recording, data transmission and passengers’ constant internet access
  • Large data storage capabilities for vehicle infotainment systems, video recording and online diagnostics

Wayside Solution

A running vehicle and wayside inspection are keys to keep passengers and railway system safe. Wayside solution can be used for wayside monitoring, pantograph inspection, rail trail monitoring , undercarriage track inspection, or any wayside surveillance applications.

Feature Highlights :

  • Compact and rugged configuration for easy installation and maintenance in space-limited environments
  • Wide operating temperature range, anti-shock, anti-vibration for outdoor environments
  • Flexible expandable for customized expansion requirements
  • Seamless communications for data transmission and access
  • Sufficient data storage capability and user-friendly manageability

In-Station Solution

AI-oriented video analytics surveillance is the most popular mean to secure our daily operation in this intelligent era. It covers not only deep learning complex computing tasks, such as data analyzing, features learning, rules setting, real-time inspecting and real-time actions taking, but also traditional video surveillance works, such as HD video capturing, video inspecting, post analysis, data backup and afterward applications.

Feature Highlights :

  • Workstation-grade Intel platform with independent NVIDIA GPU engines for AI-oriented station monitoring
  • Max independent 11 displays, up to 8K resolution
  • High-speed data transfer and seamless communication
  • Large data storage capabilities

Vecow Rugged Embedded Computing Engines

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