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VHub AI Developer Premium is a No-Code platform that provides an easy way for users to create image recognition models and can be achieved with lower labor involvement.

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VHub AI Developer Premium, Your Advanced AI-Vision Initiator

VHub AI Developer Premium provides a cloud web-based platform for vision AI development, optimized using visual workflows, and a faster way to build AI models without coding. VHub AI Developer Premium is specially designed for smart factory solutions, such as Operator SOP Tracking, Safety Detection, and Intelligent Vision Fencing. With our accumulated experiences and professional techniques, VHub AI Developer Premium helps accelerate the adoption of your own AI application.


AI Development Platform

Faster time-to-market for AI Development

VHub AI Develop Premium is a one-stop platform for AI vision development ranging from image labelling to model training and model validation. It allows for model version control, and users can flexibly adjust the setting to cater to applied models according to spot.



Simplified Development

No-code platform and user-friendly interfaces


Easy Deployment

One-stop solution for inference server


Speedy Modeling

AutoML Technology for Fast Customization


System Integrations

IoT/ERP/ WMS system Integration


System Integrations


Application Scenario

Human Behavior Analysis-SOP Tracking

Many factories are facing problems with collecting real-time production data when it’s operated by a human. In the past, many manufacturers used to audit SOP compliance by manual monitoring, but it takes a lot of labour costs to implement through all the production lines. This solution speedily provides information on the exact cycle time and quality. This also ensures operators follow SOP to manufacture.

Human Behavior Analysis-SOP Tracking
Intelligent Vision Fencing

Intelligent Vision Fencing

There are many danger zones in the factory, such as chemical tanks or AGV mobile routes, where occupational safety accidents are likely to occur when employees accidentally enter. With the aid of the electronic fencing solution, factory managers can do quick identification and notify personnel on site. Such application can also be found in many infrastructures such as hospitals, bus stations, schools, airports, etc.


Protective Equipment Detection

Nowadays, high frequencies of industrial safety accidents are usually due to the fact that personnel do not wear personal protective equipment. Therefore, by means of protective equipment detection, we can confirm whether or not employees are properly wearing them before they enter the operation zone, and this greatly reduces the risk and likelihood of accidents.

Protective Equipment Detection
Flame & Smoke Detection

Flame & Smoke Detection

Fire accidents are usually catastrophic because fire disperses immensely within short time. This explains why the need for fast and reliable some detection is necessary. Although smoke detectors are available in most fields, more protection measures are still needed. For example, in areas with high ceilings(higher than 3.6 meters), being able to detect the fire before a distant smoke detector functions can attain more valuable response time. This solution can significantly alleviate financial loss for business sides.


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AI Ready Inference System

Arm-based Edge AI Computing System


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